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On this page you will find the requirements to apply for a media accreditation to cover the events that are held at the Circuito de Jerez-Ángel Nieto

With the aim of facilitate and regulate the work of the media and Communication professionals who report on the present, and to provide a framework of egalitarian relationships to all of the agents that are involved in the communication that generates these facilities, the Circuito de Jerez-Angel Nieto has approved the following Rules for Media and Communication Professionals.

Protocol of Accreditation

In accordance with the general protocol for the sports of the motor, the Circuit de Jerez-Angel Nieto will ask the companies and professionals who want to make their work at our facility, the following documents:


  • It is essential to be a worker registered with the S. O in a Media-print, radio or television, or web page or be registered as an autonomous sector (*).
  • Fill in the form that will be required to sign and seal.
  • You should send letter of application (digital format-pdf on paper corporate environment) signed by the director with the names of the journalists/photographers will cover the event. The maximum number of accreditations by means of 2 (1 journalist-1 photographer).
  • Press kit which includes published articles or photographs signed by the journalists, or graphics of the environment that is intended to prove. The publications have to send (5 or more up to a maximum of 10) must be published in newspapers, magazines, digital magazines, etc., will Not be considered for the publications made through social networks.
  • Email to submit the required documentation


 (*) It is necessary to send a copy of the insurance RC

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